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Pupil Admissions

Overview of the Admissions Process

If your goal is to attend a Muir event, then the steps involved are:

  1. Read the Muir Academy interview guide
  2. Apply for Muir Academy membership
  3. Apply to attend an interview with Miss Prim
  4. Attend the interview and satisfy Miss Prim you are suitable
  5. You may then attend day classes and parties
  6. After attending several day classes you will be eligible to attend boarding courses

The following text provides more information about the process.

Applying to Join & Attend Muir Academy

(For staff applications, masters, mistresses and maids, click here or scroll down)

Miss Prim insists on interviewing all pupils, in depth, before they may come to school. During the interview there will be a period where the pupil is in uniform and with physical discipline for poor performance, misbehaviour or a failure to study and learn from The Interview Guide.

This interview gives the pupil and Miss Prim ample chances to develop the mutual knowledge and trust to enter fully into the adult school scene. It also offers her a chance to assess their overall suitability and how well they are likely to mix with other pupils and to avoid any chance of public embarrassment later.

At the Muir, you can choose the age and gender of the character you are going to play. We cater for role play characters aged from 8 to 18, (8-12 for Prep. courses only). Once your character is chosen, throughout the course, be it for a day or a week, you will be expected to act and dress accordingly and others will treat you appropriately.

Miss Prim during the interview of a new boy Miss Prim during the interview of a new boy

Miss Prim during the interview of a new boy

Before attending interview with Miss Prim, you must read the following documents:

 Some of the documents can be downloaded, the others can be requested from Miss Prim by email.

School Masters & Mistresses

If the role of school Master or Mistress appeals more to you and you would like to teach at the Academy, there are a limited number of opportunities. If you would like to apply for such a position, please join the Muir Academy and write to Miss Prim. Be aware that an interview will be required where your skills and aptitude will be tested (with real adult school girls and school boys). Only those with an appropriate attitude and an ability to adapt to the Muir way can be accepted.

Mr.Hopkins, former Latin Master

Mr.Hopkins, former Latin Master


Muir Academy for Maids

Miss Prim has always trained maids to support Muir Academy. For some time she has organised training for them on a more formal basis, with structured one and two-day training events. Trainees each receive individual attention to develop their talents, & work together as well. All domestic skills are taught, plus personal skills; deportment, make-up for maids, etc. An hour elsewhere can cost more than a day with Miss Prim!

Miss Prim has a register of trained maids, who are encouraged to take a suitable position in service elsewhere, in a suitable household. Competent maids can also find service at the Muir Academy boarding weeks.

For more information on Maid training, click here or contact Miss Prim.

A maid attending to her duties

Carpet beating