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Wednesday Day School – 11th April 2012

Unusually, three of the four pupils who attended this day class sent in a report. Here they all are!

Clare Dawson's Account:

My Uncle Clive wanted to use his car so he drove me to school on the Tuesday. I decided to have one of the lower bunks and Robin arriving next took the other lower one. We told Caroline when she arrived she would probably be able to get into one of the top bunks without the ladder, she is tall for her age. Getting in was not the problem, but from the noise in the night I think she found the floor was a little further away than she thought.

Miss Prim told us that as the only other pupil was Curtis and she had told him Assembly would be at 9am we would have breakfast at 8:00 instead of the usual 8:30. Although Curtis arrived at school in time he failed to join us when we entered the classroom and was, when he entered without first knocking on the door, deemed to be two minutes late. A matter to be dealt with later.

The school hymn was sung and uniform inspection with the handing in of guardians letters followed. I'm sure Miss Prim wasn't picking on the three of us but only Curtis was not on defaulters. I didn't hear Miss Prim qualify the General Knowledge test as being one on Geography. During marking, I had Curtis's book, I pronounced the names of places as he had written them, with a poorly formed "a" that looked like a "c". So, "Austric" and "Californic". My insistence that I was just saying what was on the page caused Ma'am to make a note in her register "slap Dawson's legs". The test marked and my 8/30 easily put me to last in the test. I accepted the six which were doubled for Head Girl and dutifully reminded Ma'am that I achieved less than 50 % and so received a further 12.

Caroline, Robin and I had observed, the previous evening, that there were 18 words ending in "graphy" on the blackboard. The next test was to write sentences to show we understood the meaning of the words. As we three girls had seen the words the evening before we were not allowed the use of a dictionary. Curtis however was given the very large Chambers dictionary as a resource. While Ma'am was out of the room Curtis mentioned to us he had sat this test before and found his previous sentences a better resource than the dictionary. In fairness to Curtis he did not cheat 100% as he did vary the content slightly and even included a reference to me in his answer for "orthography". Caroline also thought it amusing to make comment on my ability to spell in her answer for orthography. Robin came last and received her six and was told she could go to break. Caroline and Curtis were told they could go to break after the Head Girl had given them each six with the slipper for their lack of respect shown in their answer in the test.

During break Miss Prim remembered her note to slap my legs but neither she nor I could recall why. I discussed with Robin and Curtis that Ma'am had also forgotten Curtis was 2 minutes late but said to them that it was hardly worth one whack for each minute and if it were me, I'd make it six for each minute.

As we entered the classroom after break I remembered why my legs were to be slapped and reminded Ma'am. I felt it only right having been slapped to remind her that Curtis had been 2 minutes late. "Two minutes is only 2 whacks Curtis. I'll give you six for each minute", Ma'am told him. No, I hadn't suggested that to her.

Ma'am then announced that we were to study the British Royalty. "Earl Grey", I called out. Miss Prim looked puzzled. "Earl Grey, a British royal tea", I explained. The project continued after lunch as we received notes about the Monarchs from Queen Victoria to our present Queen. Usually, Miss Prim told us, she would allow time for revision before a test but we would have one straight away on what we had just learnt. Surprisingly the marks were acceptable.

As Caroline had been top in all test she was allowed to choose the subject for the last test and chose her best subject, English. Naturally she came top and it was Curtis who received six of the best.

Despite not being on defaulters Curtis was told Ma'am would be having a chat with him. We were set the task of writing a poem about the Royals in sequence from Victoria onwards. Caroline was first in to see Ma'am and then Curtis. My turn seemed to take longer than theirs but then I did have to fetch two pairs of shoes from the dorm to show Miss Prim. Mummy had said in her letter that I had bought yet more shoes which she felt were inappropriate and that I was to show them to Miss Prim and accept her judgement and any consequence. I had replied to Mummy that if I showed the shoes to Miss Prim she would mug me for them if they were in her size. The red pair were judged sensible and I'd have got away with the black pair except they were to big for Ma'am and so I was punished. Not for the shoes but for saying Ma'am would probably mug me for them. For those of you hoping to one day be Head Girl just remember all punishments are doubled.

I returned to the classroom and informed Robin that she was to see Ma'am. Hardly had I returned to my poem when Robin and Ma'am entered the classroom. Robin's guardian felt her punishment would have more effect on her if she were punished in front of the class. With Robin across her knees Miss Prim set about spanking her bottom. Thinking one cheek was receiving more attention than the other, Ma'am asked me to join her and while Ma'am smacked Robin's left cheek I smacked the right. Initially Robin said Ma'am was smacking harder but I managed to get her to change her mind after a few well placed smacks.

When I returned to my seat Miss Prim set about Robin's legs to bring them to the same colour as her bottom. Satisfied a colour match had been achieved Robin was allowed up and then had to bend over the desk for the birch which was applied equally to bottom and legs before the final six of the best with a cane for being on defaulters.

We then read our poems and I was given 10/10, Robin and Curtis were given 9/10 and Caroline was announced last in test with an unstated mark. Miss Prim made a comment about even a girl who is top in all tests can still find herself last. Caroline accepted her fate and received six of the best. Certificates were handed out and class was dismissed. Curtis had to go home and uncle arrived to collect me but he decided to have the evening meal with the girls before we went home.

Robin Stone's Account:

There were three of us girls sleeping in the bunk room, Clare Dawson, Caroline Smythe and myself, Robin Stone. We were joined for the day class by James Curtis. The class started at the earlier time of 9am and Curtis was late by 2 minutes, so that warranted additional punishment.

All us three girls were immediately put on defaulters as a result of our guardian's letters, but despite having a good letter Miss Prim ensured that she would have one of her 'chats' with Curtis.

As usual for a day school we had several tests, with Clare, Curtis and I getting our fair share of 'last in the test gets 6 of the best'. However Caroline was so clever that she got top marks in everything! That is until Miss Prim awarded the marks for the poem written during defaulters. I had actually read it myself and I thought it was quite good, but I'm sure Miss Prim did not wish to let Caroline off from being last in the test, so she was judged to be marginally the poorest!

I'm not normally too interested in History, but I found the British Monarchy of the 20th to 21st centuries to be very interesting and applicable to our Queen's Jubilee year. We all did very well in the test that followed.

As there were only four of us in class defaulters did not take too long, but as is often the case I was left until last. My guardian had informed Miss Prim of some indiscretion of mine that was deemed serious enough for my punishment to be given in front of the rest of the class, and she even asked Head Girl Dawson to join in with spanking my bottom! Two heavy hands whacking down at the same time. The other pupils in class had to judge if my bottom or my legs were the deepest red, and the spanks did not stop until they were equal redness.

Bent over the large school desk, the birch was next, six strokes from either side to my bottom and then six strokes from either side on my legs. This was then repeated but with one of her nasty canes. At last I was allowed to pull my knickers up over my bottom and walk back to my desk with tears in my eyes, very repentant and not wishing to repeat the offence.

As school had started early, we finished early and so had some spare time for a hot drink and a chat amongst ourselves, during which time Curtis left and Uncle Clive had arrived to collect Clare. Uncle Clive had dinner with us and as there was no maid it was personally served by Miss Prim and Miss Jane. As always the food was excellent, especially the special home-made ice cream.

The next morning Miss Prim was up early to provide us with a cooked breakfast which was very welcome indeed to set us up for the day, and my long journey home.

Caroline Smythe's Account:

Miss Prim had once again kindly agreed to arrange a Wednesday school and this one was attended by Clare, Robin and me, who arrived on the eve of the school, and by Curtis, who was late for lessons on the following day. I felt quite proud in my smart, new, dark blue gymslip with its attractive red sash.

Curtis was only two minutes late but still got twelve strokes of the cane, six for each minute! Strictly speaking, he should only have got one stroke for each minute but Miss Prim though it hardly worth bothering with just two strokes.

Clare was once again appointed Head Girl.

It was also nice to meet the school dog Dougal, a basset hound. (Please don't anyone write to tell me if he's not a basset hound.)

Our first test was a general knowledge test with a bias towards geography. Poor old Clare got 8/30. So once again it was 'last in the test...' and six more with the slipper for getting less than 50%. And a doubling of all of this because she was Head Girl. I came top.

For the next test, we were to write sentences showing that we knew the meanings of words ending in the suffix -graphy. Although I came top, I got six of the slipper for making fun of Clare by joking that she was poor at orthography. Robin came bottom, and the 'last in the test' rule was applied. Miss Prim's slipper was of course, applied to Robin's bottom!

We then had a big project about the British monarchy from Queen Victoria onwards. It soon became apparent that we should not look to the royal family for moral guidance. Edward VII allowing his mistress to be sent to a mental asylum (or at least failing to prevent it). George V refusing the Romanovs permission to flee to Britain after the Russian revolution. Edward VIII with his Nazi sympathies. I ask you! As a republican I found it absolutely fascinating. There was also a test, in which I came top. Once again, I can't remember who came bottom. But the 'last in the test' rule applied.

As I'd been such a good girl, having come top in all the tests, Miss Prim let me choose the subject of the final test. I chose English, my best subject. There were one or two suggestions that I had chosen English because it was a subject in which the other pupils would do badly and thus I wouldn't come bottom. But I replied that if I'd wanted to play that game, I could have chosen geography, on which subject Clare had already demonstrated an abysmal ignorance, or history, about which Robin self-confessedly knew very little. Once again I came top and once again I can't remember who came bottom. But the 'last in the test' rule applied.

I keep on saying I can't remember who came bottom. Clare, Robin, and Curtis each came bottom at least once, as I recall. The task for defaulters was to write a poem about the royal family from Queen Victoria onwards. Our poems were all of similar standard, it seems to me. Nevertheless, Miss Prim put mine bottom as she had become tired of spanking Clare, Robin, and Curtis. Personally, I don't think my poem was the worst and I don't think anyone else did either, but I cheerfully submitted to my punishment in a display of pupil solidarity.

In defaulters itself, Miss Prim summoned me to her study because I had been a silly. I had been on a day trip to Castle Cary (a pretty little town, although, unless you want to visit the museum and the site of the castle, you won't need more than half an hour to look round it). I had had a long time to wait for a train on the way back so I had waited on the station platform. Unfortunately, by waiting for so long on the platform instead of in the warm waiting-room, I had developed a slight chill, from which, however, I had quickly recovered. My guardian's verdict had been that as I had put myself at risk of missing school, Miss Prim might like to deal with the matter.

I had been due for a doctor's appointment shortly after the school. However, I had managed to obtain an appointment for the afternoon before the school. Of course, Miss Prim did not know this, so had I told her I was due for an appointment after the school, she would not have beaten me. This, however, would have been dishonest of me and so I decided to be brave and take my punishment, which Miss Prim would have subjected me to sooner or later anyway. Best get it over with, what? Before I received my punishment, Miss Prim, for some reason that was a mystery to me, started talking about my teeth. She asked me if I was afraid of going to the dentist's. I replied that I was quite happy to go to the dentist's and, indeed, I had coincidentally a dental appointment to begin a course of treatment on the following Monday. Miss Prim said I was brave for not minding going to the dentist and I felt rather proud of myself.

This friendly little chat lightened the atmosphere somewhat and I felt less bad about receiving my punishment. There were no hard feelings. Well, not yet anyway. In fact, I never blame Miss Prim for punishing me, because she only does so when I deserve it. So it was over Miss Prim's knee, which, as my guardian says, is the best place for me (unless you count the desk) and it was the paddle on my bare bottom and then six strokes of the cane and a further six with a heavier cane. I thanked Miss Prim for my punishment and promised her I would try to be a good girl and next time I would wait in the waiting-room and not on the platform.

Clare and Robin were also on defaulters. Curtis wasn't. He was just invited into Miss Prim's study for a "chat", although, if you ask me, judging by the sounds emanating therefrom, he may as well have been on defaulters anyway.

Robin's guardian had asked Miss Prim to punish her in front of the class. I'll say one thing for Robin: she provides excellent value for money. It's almost worth going to school just to see her get punished. The crime this time was that she attends she had played a prank on another girl. Miss Prim took Robin over her knee and began spanking her on her bare bottom. She got Clare to help her so that Robin could get both cheeks of her bottom spanked at once. She then thought she'd do this herself two-handed and began spanking both cheeks of Robin's bottom with both hands. It was like the bongo drums but wobblier.

Miss Prim then asked Robin if her legs were hurting. For some reason (perhaps it was just a slip of the tongue), Robin said yes. Of course, Miss Prim hadn't spanked Robin's legs but as Robin said they were hurting, Miss Prim said she may as well spank them to jolly well make sure they were hurting and bring things in line with what Robin was saying.

Miss Prim then asked which were more purple: Robin's legs or her bottom. When Clare and I replied that Robin's legs were more purple, Miss Prim spanked Robin's bottom some more to even things up.

Then Robin got the cane and finally the birch over the desk. She got twenty-four really hard strokes with each of these and after Robin's punishment the birch was thrown out.

We finally received our certificates and we thanked Miss Prim for arranging the school. Curtis went home immediately. Clare, Robin and I had dinner at Miss Prim's and Clare went home immediately after that. Robin and I spent a further night there and we went home the following morning, have received our richly deserved punishments.