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My Experience at Muir Academy, March 2012

by Christina Unfug, adult schoolgirl at Muir Academy

After a perfect trip from Germany I finally arrived at the Hereford train station at about 11.15 am. I stood outside and waited for Miss Prim and suddenly a stranger came forward and asked if I happen to be Christina. He told me that we shared the same hobby, and soon we were chatting away easily.

Thirty minutes later Miss Prim picked us up and we went to her home. She started the interview while we had another coffee and during this first part of the interview she really put me at ease.

Soon it was time to change into the school uniform and to meet her in the classroom. First she inspected me in my uniform and said,

"Young lady, what did you do with your fingernails, why are they so long and dirty?"

"They are not dirty, they are painted," I answered.

"That isn't acceptable for a little girl; go and remove the paint at once," She replied.

I told her, "That won't be possible, I can't remove it, it is gel."

She said, "Well I am afraid that you then will have to get 12 strokes with my hand on your bottom. Let's see if everything else is in order. Now, what do I see here? You are not supposed to wear more than one pair of earrings and you are not allowed to wear bracelets. That will be another 12 strokes; 6 for each bracelet, and 12 more strokes, which is 6 each for each earring!"

Then she informed me that she had read the guardian letter and that she was not amused about my behaviour.

"Christina, I read that you have been guilty of truancy. That is not acceptable behaviour, in fact it is a serious offence and I will deal with it harshly. At the end of the day you will get 12 strokes from the cane for that and I tell you up front that you will get the same tomorrow after school during defaulters. And should the need for a punishment for that reason ever arise again, the punishment will be doubled. That means that you then will get 24 strokes. Bend over my knee now, so we can deal with your violation of the school uniform rules, young lady."

I did as I was told and she raised my gymslip. As she began to spank me continuously with her hand, she exploded in anger saying,

"Christina what were you thinking? Good grief to wear such undergarments, you are nearly naked under your school uniform. You are senior girl, but that does not mean you can walk around like a slut! That will stop as of now! Where are your proper school knickers? I can't believe it, you will get severely punished for that behaviour right now, and I promise you that you won't sit comfortable for your test. Bend over that desk there."

I got 24 with the slipper (and silently asked myself why Annie from D&L had made such a fuss about it).

Afterwards she sent me to my desk and I had an embarrassing test about Shakespeare where I managed to get only 4 answers right! Then I had to recite all the 4 school rules but since I had read them that morning I was able to manage that well. I then had to do another test about the difference between corporal and verbal punishment, and I had to find different words. While I wrote my answers she left the classroom for a short period. As she entered the classroom again she got immediately all riled up:

"Christina, do you know why you are in big trouble again? No? Don't you have any manners at all? What did they teach you in Germany for god's sake? What is a girl like you supposed to do when an adult enters the room? She is supposed to stand up! And what are you supposed to do when a teacher enters the classroom? You have to rise from your chair so stand up this instant, and come here. Now bend over. I will teach you some manners with the help of the leather paddle."

She paddled me and sent me back to my desk, to proceed with the test, now it was economic skills.

Once again I got into trouble because I answered, "ok"

"Young lady, how is a pupil supposed to answer her teacher properly?"

I said, "I dunno."

She said, "It is Yes Ma'am or No Ma'am, or even I don't know Ma'am, come forward please. I'll give you another lesson in respect now bend over. This is a junior cane and I am sure it will get my message across nicely. Let's see if it works."

She lifted my skirt and started again to ramble on about my panties. I got 6 from the cane for disrespect and again 6 for the disgusting knickers. Promptly I forgot rule 3 and stood up after the caning without her permission. She recognised it and said,

"Young lady! Did I give you permission to rise? No I didn't. Bend back over, we begin again".

And I got another 12 from her cane. Afterwards I was send to my desk and she lectured me about my behaviour at my old school,

"Christina, what is the difference between your old school and my school? Right, this is a strict boarding school that uses corporal punishment if the need arises. I am prepared to deal with your disgusting behaviour, and I assure you that you won't sit comfortable if you don't change your attitude as of now. And as I already promised you earlier, you will now get 12 severe strokes from my cane for the truancy, and since I have to see those disgusting knickers again, you will get another 6 for that. Come forward please and bend over the desk again."

She caned me again and sent me to my chair.

"Now Christina, are you willing to make an effort with your studies?"

I agreed.

"And are you willing to write a letter to your old headmistress?"

I agreed again and was dismissed for the day with the strict warning to wear the proper knickers to school the next day because I would get caned again if I dared to defy her on this.

Saturday March 17, 2012

Soon after I got up, the next day the first thing went wrong. My hair dryer wouldn't work because I had forgotten to bring an electricity converter. Luckily it was quite early, and I decided to let it just dry on its own, while I would read a bit in my book; but I sort of lost track of time. As I looked on my watch the next time I was shocked. I had to be at the breakfast table in five minutes and as I was told the evening before, that I had to be there in school uniform. Although I really hurried, I was 10 minutes late as I went into the dining room. I tried a cheerfully

"Good morning Ma'am,"

And got a,

"Christina you are late for breakfast. Demerit! Now sit down and eat your cereals."

I told her that I don't like milk, other than in my coffee and therefore couldn't eat cereals. We discussed my distaste for milk and she accepted that I am possibly "allergic" to milk. But that this wouldn't mean I could go without eating my cereals, I just would have to eat them with grapefruit juice. I thought, just great, I never eat anything in the morning. My breakfast is usually just a cup of coffee. I told her so, but she wouldn't have it. I got a speech about why it is important to eat breakfast, and that I better had start eating right now, if I didn't want to have a further conversation about that matter in her study. I decided to eat those darn cereals without anything.

The other students arrived after breakfast. They all were very friendly and I was glad that I could understand what they said. One of the girls showed me how to bind the red sash.

Finally school started at 10 am. We had to wait in front of the classroom in a queue. As we entered the classroom I instantly went for a table and a chair in the second row, since the last row was already taken by the boys who had gone into the room before me. One of the other pupils reminded the headmistress, that the new pupils always had to sit in the front row (such a squealer), but I got lucky and was allowed to stay in the second row. She paddled one pupil for not closing the door, and then she called the first pupil to the front and took the guardian letter from him, read parts out loud, scolded about the complaints of the guardian in the letter and inspected the uniform and the hands and shoes. He got 12 with the leather paddle because his shoes were dirty (6 for each shoe).

The next one was a girl, and the procedure started again. The girl got her hands smacked because she had bitten nails. Just then I new what was in store for me, because I have those long painted gel-nails. I think I was the forth one who had to go to the front, she read parts of our guardian letter to the class and told them that my twin sister would join us in September. She explained what Unfug means in English and scolded me about my behaviour in the past. She said,

"And as I already told you yesterday, truancy is a serious offence and you are definitely on defaulters."

Then she said that it was time to inspect my uniform and as I already had suspected I got my hands smacked with a leather strap. Afterwards she sent me back to my desk. She called the next pupil and eventually everyone had given her the guardian letter and school started, with a test in general knowledge. I was last in the class and was therefore called to the front again. I had to bend over a desk that stood there only for that purpose and she raised the hem of my gymslip. She saw my panties and immediately went ballistic'

"Christina how dare you, to wear knickers like that. Good grief! I can see your bottom right through them! Such slutty underwear! Young lady, what did I promise you yesterday what would happen if I would catch you again not wearing the proper school knickers?"

I answered, "You told me that I would get caned again."

"Yes and that is exactly what will happen, after you get slippered for being the last in the test."

So she started with the slipper and then took the junior cane out of the basket. She scolded some more about my panties and gave me 12 from her cane. She sent me back to my chair, saying,

"Good grief, you will change into the school knickers during the next break. Don't you dare to let me see that underwear again, because the next time you will get the senior cane. Sit down you, you tart."

Then the lesson in geography started. We learned a lot about the arctic zone and she dictated and dictated and we had to write everything with a fountain pen. It went on and on. One of the boys got caned because he had made a mess with his pen, and one had to stand in the corner but I can't remember why. We got copies of maps and text that we had to glue into our booklets and after I made a cynical comment about why she'd made us write 4 or 5 pages when we now got those hand-outs, she made me come to the front again. I can't recall what exactly happened, I think I got paddled with that leather paddle or slippered. Then class continued and I further got a demerit for chewing gum and another one for picking up a novel of a bookshelf that stood beside me. Then she made us read those papers out loud. Richard started and after a while she said,

"Timothy, would you please take over".

He hadn't paid attention and therefore didn't know where Richard had stopped, and was told that he was expected to be at her office during the lunch break.

Eventually lunch break came, although she already told us, that we weren't finished with the Arctic Circle! - OMG

There was a really nice "special" maid, called Jillian. I liked her very much, because she was so shy and friendly. Sadly there wasn't much time to talk to her, since she wouldn't eat with us, but had to serve our meals. We had mashed potatoes, chicken, peas and carrots. I don't know why they write on the internet that the food is very good. But I suppose; since the Brits aren't well known for their cuisine, that it is good by British standards and that they aren't the ones to judge food since they don't have any taste what so ever. I have to say, that the food wasn't seasoned at all, and I was glad that salt and pepper stood on the table, so that I was able to make it least edible.

I got into another argument with Ma'am, because I wouldn't use the fork in the silly British way. She said,

"Christina, what are you doing there with your fork? It is a fork not a shovel. Turn it around and eat properly."

I answered, "That is silly; the fork has the rounded form for a reason. It is built like that to transport the food secure from the plate to my mouth. The peas are much safer this way, because they would roll from my fork if I would use it in your stupid way."

She sputtered: "You just earned a demerit and I don't care that you have been in Germany for a long time. You are now a pupil in my English boarding school and therefore you will hold your fork like a young lady in England is supposed to do it. It is a fork and not a shovel! No not one more word!"

Two other pupils got a demerit during the meal.

After our lunch break we started with art class. For once I did well and made a cute chicken. I thought, thank bob she forgot the Arctic Circle, but no such luck after everyone had finished the art project, she told us to get our geography booklet once again. I sighed exasperatedly and she made me come forward again. After raising my gymslip she really went ballistic, since I hadn't changed my panties.

"I can't believe it. You are such a naughty girl young lady. How dare you to defy me like that. I told you to change into your knickers during the break. Your bottom will be black and blue when I am through with you. You will now get 18 from the senior cane, 6 because you misbehaved in the first place and 12 because you didn't change your knickers as you were told now several times. Just remember that you asked for it. And I would advice that you change into your knickers during our next break, because if you dare to come to my office for defaulters, still wearing those disgusting under things, you will get a birching."

She then got the caning over with and afterwards she carried on with the geography lesson. Suddenly the mouse with the invisible cord moved through the classroom, and Miss Prim hopped around until she learned that it was only a prank mouse. The two culprits Jill & Emily got caned, too.

Eventually geography was done.

Then we had English class, where we had to look up several (18)words with the ending "graphy" (Bibliography, Cartography, Anthography, Geography, Anemography, Cryptography, Ethnography, Hydrography, Orography, Topography, Choreography, Calligraphy, Typography, Phonography, Electrography, Radiography, Orthography, Lithography). She told us, that we had to work silently and that she would start defaulters, meaning that she would ask one after the other into her study and the other pupils meanwhile had to do work on those words. She reminded me about my knickers and started to go out the door. I rolled my eyes and made silent movements with my mouth thinking that she wouldn't see it, since she already was on her way out of the door. But she suddenly spun around and stopped.

"Young lady, what was that? Did you just roll your eyes and mock me?"

I answered, "Um, err..."

She said, "Come forward young lady, I think you need another lesson in manners. Bend over."

This time, she picked up a thing like a leather strap.

As defaulters started I went to my room to get my iPhone, since I thought I could use it for my explanation of "graphy-words", but it didn't work out well, because I had terrible problems with the net. I recognised that it would take too much time and that I would only use it for words I couldn't explain myself or with the help of the English dictionary that she gave us. The others went to great pain to explain the words or give good examples about how to use them. My lazy self wouldn't do such a thing so I went for short and crisp definitions, that's why I was done with this job first, with only a little bit of effort.

Now it was my turn to go out and wait for defaulters in front of her office. She send me out but stayed shortly in the classroom to check on the other pupils. So I leaned on the wall and waited. She came out and immediately started to rant,

"Christina! What are you doing there? You have no manners what so ever young lady. I told you to wait outside my study and not to lounge on the wall. In my study right now. Bend over the chair; do you know what this is? It is a Scottish tawse and you will taste it right now. I can't believe it; you seriously dared to appear to defaulters still in those skimpy panties. We will see about that right now. You can expect to get severely caned for your behaviour in class today not to mention that you earned 12 strokes of the cane for your truancy at your old school. We now start with the tawse."

Then she went to business. After she had used the tawse and the cane she said,

"Now young lady what did I tell you would happen if you would come into my study for defaulters still wearing those knickers? Right I promised you a birching, have you ever had a birching?"


"Then you will have one now!"

After she had hit me with that thing about 12 times she changed again to one of her canes.

"Now we'll see if we can change your attitude young lady."

After the next 12 strokes she asked "Are you prepared to go to your room to change into regular proper school knickers now, young lady?"

I said, "Uh, err..."

And she said, "Well, it will be another dozen then."

After this she asked me again and now I said, "Yes Ma'am".

"Than go ahead, change and I will see you here again in 2 minutes."

I went and thought that I really better change into those stupid things, so I did change and went to her study again. I got another lecture that I was only Muir School Girl and am not to wear such disgusting underwear. Then I got another 12 strokes to make it crystal clear that I was not to wear those panties ever again. Finally I was allowed to leave the office, with the words,

"And Christina if you still wear those bracelets at the time I hand out the certificates you'll get another 12 strokes from my cane."

I went back into the classroom.

That was about the time when I chatted with Mike.

After she was done with defaulters English lessons started once again and she made us read our explanations out loud. Mine were all right, and I got the full points. But I got in trouble again, as my iPhone made a noise because Mike sent a message. I had it in the silent mode, but she heard the vibrating sound anyway. So I was to get up for another round of paddling once again.

Timothy and Morrison both got caned because they were "last in the test".

Finally English was over and it was time for giving out our certificates. Everyone was asked what he had learned today, and all the other pupils said something about the arctic or the "graphy- words". As it was my turn to say what I had learned I answered,

"Well I learned that the Brits have a silly way to use their forks, and that this school has stupid rules about nice panties"

She said, "Well since you still wear those bracelets you will now get another lesson in school rules. Further more I will punish you for those sassy comments about school rules and forks. James go to my study and bring back my canes and you Christina, bend over."

Eventually James came back. I got another doze of the cane and she lectured me again. She saw that I was being stubborn and wanted to say something, but she sent me to my chair saying,

"Not one more word Christina, you go to your desk and you will be silent now".

I couldn't stop myself from telling her, I just wanted to say "Yes Ma'am"!

The whole class broke out with laughter but the not amused teacher told me to come back and to bend back over the desk. Again it was the cane.

Then the school day was over.