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Off To Prep School

by Paul Andrews

I have been regularly attending Muir Academy events for the past 10 years and during that time I have had many exciting and varied adventures with lots and lots of different school friends, but when Miss Prim told me about her latest idea I was more excited than I have ever been before.

Ma'am had decide to organise and run a special boys only preparatory school for boys like myself who find the existing Muir Academy courses a little to adolescent. This school would be for 'preppies' that is to say adult schoolboys who wished to be between the ages of 8 & 10.

There were to be appropriate lessons aimed at boys of our age and a new uniform made especially for the new junior prep school and, best of all, a brand new school building. The first prep school was scheduled to last from a Friday evening to a Monday morning during the early part of February 2002. As the weeks approaching the course slowly melted away I began to look forward to the school like no other Academy event I have ever attended.

Apart from myself 3 other preppies were also coming to the new school; Daniel, Neil & Rupert. Miss Prim was going to be our teacher and Katrine Thomas was to maid and cook for us.

On Friday afternoon we all met at Miss Prim's home and transferred all of our belongings in to just 2 cars for the journey to school. Katrine went with Miss Prim in her car and Rupert's guardian took four boys in his car, all in the uniform you see right.

Miss Prim welcomes a new prep boy

The new school building was magical. It's a house, which was built in the 1920s, or 30s and has now been lovingly restored to its former glory. There is a large tiled entrance hall, large schoolroom, kitchen, dining room, scullery, and common room on the ground floor whilst upstairs there were 2 dormitories, a bathroom and a room for Miss Prim. On the very top floor was another dormitory and that was the one Rupert & I were given. Neil & Daniel were given a dormitory on the first floor.

Then we were all taken upstairs to Miss Prim's room where we were issued with our new Muir Prep uniforms. Kilt, sporran, new black pullovers, and all.

It is not customary for Scotsmen to wear anything under their kilts but for boys of our age going without underwear at school was unacceptable. Concerning what we were to wear under our kilts Miss Prim decided to adopt a custom which had been in place at all Scottish Prep schools until the early 1960s. Before we were sent to change Miss Prim gave every boy a pair on navy blue schoolgirls knickers.

We were told that whenever we wore the kilt we would have to wear them just like the boys at other Scottish Prep schools would have done. You should have seen the look on Daniel's face. He really was not looking forward to wearing his kilt and now he was being told he had to wear girls' knickers as well!

We all had to go back to our dorms and change in to them.

Rupert and I could hear Daniel shouting at Miss Prim telling her he was not going to wear a skirt. Miss Prim was having none of it I we both heard the sound of the slipper ringing out on Daniel's backside from behind the dormitory door.

There were more shouts of protest and later we once again heard the sound of the slipper from behind the dormitory door. I don't think any of us really wanted to wear knickers but none of us wanted to face Miss Prim's slipper like Daniel did so we all kept quiet.

We took the navy blue school knickers and went upstairs to change in to our new kilts. Once in the dorm we pulled the knickers on and we were both very surprised how comfortable they were. As I was putting the rest of my kilt uniform on I discovered to my horror I had forgotten my sporran. How could I possibly go downstairs without it? Rupert offered to lend me his but that would not have been right.

Eventually Miss Prim arrived to see why we were not yet ready. I was lay on my bed sulking. When Miss Prim asking me why I was not ready I raised my voice to her and was arrogant. I soon realised my mistake and how silly I was being but by now the damage was done. Miss Prim was a very cross with me and I was told I would have to see her after dinner.

Once in uniform we all sat at the dinner table and had supper, which was served beautifully by Katrine the maid. Because there was no dishwasher we had to take it in turns to wash up. Rupert & I had to do it on the first night.

After dinner Miss Prim told me to go and wait for her inside the schoolroom. I was to stand in the corner with my hands on my head until she was ready.

I was sent off to Miss Prim's bedroom to fetch her Mason Pearson hairbrush, as I looked and found it on her dressing table I knew that shortly it would be coming down on my bare bottom turning it bright red. I picked it up and slowly made my way back to the schoolroom. Miss Prim was sat on a chair with her lap ready to receive my bared bottom. She moved my sporran out of the way, as I handed her the hairbrush she then gestured I go over her knee. Once in position I felt my kilt being lifted out of the way and my navy knickers being taken down to my knees. From then it was not long before the sting slaps of the Mason Pearson began falling on my bare bottom. As I was spanked I was lectured on why I should never raise my voice to the Headmistress and how I must not sulk or get angry whilst I was at school. The hairbrush really did make an impression on me and I promised to be a good boy in future. My punishment was not to end with the hairbrush; Miss Prim had decided my actions earlier in the evening warranted a sound swishing. When I heard this awful news in a way I was glad I had been punished with the hairbrush first because at least it had warmed my bottom up in readiness for the caning which was to follow. I was told to stand and pull up my knickers. Miss Prim selected a cane and I was told to touch my toes. Once again my kilt was lifted and placed out of the way on my back. Miss Prim swished her cane and I felt the first of 6 strokes land on my knickers. I stoically counted the stroke and the five, which followed it knowing I had deserved each and every one for my earlier outburst. As the pain from the sixth stroke set in I was told that this was only the beginning of my canning. I was to receive an unspecified number of strokes. Miss Prim would continue to punish me until she felt I had learned my lesson. I was told to stand and place myself across her desk so that the punishment may continue.

After dinner we all sat down and watched a lovely film called the Magnet, which Rupert had brought on video. I have seen it lots of times before but I still enjoyed it and I am sure the other boys did as well.

There is a bit in the film where the boy copied what I had been doing earlier in the day by standing on his head on the sofa! After the video we all had to read story out loud from a book called Billy the bastard. My story was called Billy and the magic fish. The stories were all about a boy of about our age who had magical adventures at home and at school.

The stories were quite funny and we all enjoyed having to read out loud. Next we had a mug of chocolate each and then we all had to go and get ready for bed and brush our teeth. After saying goodnight to Ma'am we all went upstairs to bed and all fell fast to sleep. It had been a long first day and we were all very tired little boys.

After we had both cleaned our teeth and gone back to our dorm I asked Rupert if he would like to see the pictures we had taken earlier. He said yes so I got my camera and went and lay beside Rupert on his bed so we could both look at the pictures together. We had only just begun when we heard footsteps approaching up the stairs. We both thought it was Miss Prim coming to tuck us in before lights out, but NO it was Thicky armed with a pillow! He stood in the door way and started shouting at us. He said we were had both been horrible to him and now he was going to have his revenge. He started hitting at Rupert and I very hard with his pillow. We both curled up into balls and called for Ma'am. He kept hitting us for ages and it seemed like ages before we heard Ma'am's footsteps on the stairs, but finally she appeared at the door to save us. Do you know what the first thing she said was? Not 'Thicky (Daniel) why are you hitting those boys with that pillow?' NO it was 'Paul, what are you doing in bed with Rupert?' I couldn't believe it! I tried to explain what I was doing but Miss Prim told me I should not be on Rupert's bed. I couldn't understand what I had done wrong. Next she started shouting at Thicky and told him to bend over the end of my bed and lower his pajama bottoms. She took his slipper and began to leather him with it good and hard. He squealed and squealed begging Miss Prim to stop. We both thought he was getting his just desserts. After she had finished dealing with him I was told to go and get back in to my own bed. Whilst I did that poor Rupert was slippered for allowing me to sit on his bed! He didn't squeal though. Then it was my turn. I turned on to my tummy and waited for Miss Prim to begin; when the slippering began I couldn't understand why Thicky had made such a fuss. I could feel the slipper landing on my bottom but it really was not hurting that much. I should have kept my mouth shut but I thought the situation was very unjust. Here were Rupert and I being punished for no real reason and Thicky was getting off with a slippering that did not even hurt! IT WAS NOT FAIR! I should have kept my mouth shut but I didn't.

To Be Continued

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