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Courses at Muir Academy

For forthcoming course dates, visit the News page

You will be taught real lessons at Muir, on many traditional school subjects. Maths and English of course, but also History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Cookery, Latin, French, Art, Music and P.E. The only subjects we won't teach are R.I. or Politics.

Don't expect the coursework to be easy either! The academic qualifications of our teachers would make any high school proud and many teach from the current GCSE syllabus. You will have 5-6 hours of classes each day, plus prep. to do in the evening if you're on a boarding course.

As well as the teaching staff, at boarding weeks we have a Cook, Maid and Matron. We have trained First Aiders on our courses.

We offer a range of courses for day pupils and boarders: day classes, mixed boarding weeks, girls-only and boys-only weekends, strict weekly boarders and prep school for those playing a younger character. We also offer one-to-one tuition with Miss Prim in her study.

Day schools, on weekends and weekdays

Day courses occur twice a month on the first Wednesday and the third Saturday of the month. All the classes vary in gender ratio and number (between 6-8), though we have had a few day schools with 9 or 10 pupils on them. Day classes run from 10am to 6pm. You will get a proper school lunch and two breaks during the day.

Mixed Boarder

A mixed boarder is an extension of the day classes. Here the rules should be obeyed, but most pupils have fun trying to see how many rules they can get away with breaking from time to time. The atmosphere is a little more relaxed especially in the evenings. Boarders of course will have to share dormitories. Dormitories are single sex only, not even couples can share, unless they are of the same gender.

The summer mixed boarder is a little different from the others, in that we go on a lot of school outings, you can read all about these in the contributions section.

Work from art class

Art class, the pupils made portraits of each other.

    Art class at a day school

Art class at a day school

Strict Tutorial

Strict tutorial boarders are for the experienced player. The course is much more formal and very intense; the 24 hour immersion is total, there is no let up. All the rules have to be obeyed to the very letter. Course work is set for an older age group more on the lines of GCSE or A levels. It goes almost without saying that the punishments are more severe. However as the pupils are usually better behaved (less pranks) there is usually less discipline needed. Tutorial courses have smaller numbers of pupils; a maximum of six, but the same number of teachers as our other courses.

All non-school possessions must be handed in after kit inspection and are locked away until pupils are dismissed from school. The uniform rules must also be obeyed to the letter on this course, with no exceptions.

You must have been on one or more of the other courses before you can come to a strict tutorial.

Girls-Only School

Some girls-only courses are just for female pupils, others are for both real and 'special' girls. When events are advertised it is made clear which pupils the course is for. Click here for more details.

Muir College Weekends

We no longer run our girls-only weekend courses (Muir College and later St. Catherine's College). Miss Prim may organise similar events in the future, contact her directly if you would be interested.

Willis finds a frog!

Willis finds a frog!

    A class on a Girls' Weekend course

A class on a Girls' Weekend course

Prep School

Prep School is for boys and girls and is designed for the really young at heart: those with a role-play age of approximately 8-12 years old. Their lessons are set at that level too. Interesting enough for an adult, but designed for the prep school age group. There are plenty of handicraft lessons incorporated into the syllabus, like making papier-mâché penguins when we studied penguins. Or cardboard pyramids when we studied the early Egyptians.

There are other differences between prep school and our other courses, like the story time at bedtime and the train set and marbles that are played with at play time. Climbing trees and playing football have all taken place on prep courses.

For boys at the prep school have the option to distinguish themselves from the junior or senior school by wearing a different uniform. This is at present, a lovely red blazer, red cap and red socks.

However no boy should be put off by the uniform expectations, as we may be able help. The uniform for prep school girls is currently the same as for other Muir events.

The prep school is small in comparison to the main school but none the worse for that: as any pupil knows, the fewer the pupils, the more attention the teacher can give them. Class sizes tend to be between four and six and are usually boarding.

Miss Prim welcomes a new boy at Prep. School
Miss Prim welcomes a new boy at Prep. School

Private Tuition

Miss Prim also sees pupils for private tuition, if they cannot get to a day class for any reason. This can be for individual pupils or for small groups who prefer a private event or a school on a different theme, e.g. a Victorian classroom. Please contact Miss Prim for more information.

Parties & Barbecues

For interviewed Muir members there are a number of parties throughout the year, usually two summer barbecues and Christmas and New Year parties. These are a chance for you to socialise with other pupils outside of school and they're free!

For forthcoming course dates, visit the News page

Our contributions page has accounts from pupils of each of our courses.