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Any well run school requires discipline and discipline at the Muir Academy is no different to any English public school in the mid 1950s. The cane, strap, birch, belt, slipper, martinet and paddle are all used. Non-corporal punishment is also used - detention, lines, standing in a corner or helping the domestic staff with chores.

When corporal punishment is used, the four rules of corporal punishment apply:

  1. I will count each stroke. If I miscount or you do not hear, you will begin again.
  2. I will not adjust my clothing or rise from my position without permission, or you will begin again.
  3. I will not rub my bottom or hands after punishment, or you will begin again.
  4. I will thank the corrector on completion of the punishment, or you will begin again
Michelle gets the ruler on her hand!

Writing lines and getting the ruler

Adult school girl made to stand in the corner

Not all punishments are corporal and sometimes we combine corporal and non-corporal as this girl is experiencing.

As mentioned above the forms of discipline are many and varied at the Muir.

Miss Prim is the main disciplinarian, however Matron is also authorised to use corporal punishments as well as the many other forms she has at her disposal. Refusing to eat your food could lead to a large dose of cod liver or castor oil. Pupils running to her with sore bottoms are likely to have iodine rubbed in rather than soothing cream. She is also extremely deft with a slipper after lights out. Matron has her own strap, paddle and cane and is never far from one of them. Remember any time you are not in class Matron will be watching you. If she feels any incident too serious for her to deal with she will take the pupil to Miss Prim.

We now have two masters who take classes from time to time and give discipline to those who have agreed to receive from a man. We also have several very capable lady teachers who help out on various courses and classes.

Adult school boy strapped on the hand

The traditional Scottish strap is used when appropriate, either on the hand or the bottom

The martinet

The Martinet...

The leather paddle

... the Paddle

An adult school girl who's just had her legs slapped

... or your legs slapped!

Lines and detention are regular additions to corporal punishments, as are being made to stand in the corner, on a chair or in the corridor. It is not unknown for extra PE to be given as punishment such as running the cross-country run three times!

On boarding schools you may also get sent to bed early or not allowed out to play.

Should a pupil stray into the kitchen they may find themselves on the wrong end of the cook's wooden spoon.

Any fighting amongst the pupils will result in a public birching.

Watch out for the prefects, they too can spank and paddle pupils.

Discipline levels and limits will have been thoroughly discussed and explored at the interview with Miss Prim, when consent for any discipline must have been given. All our role play is consensual.

An adult school girl receiving a traditional birching

An adult school girl receiving a traditional birching

The school cook

We have a cook at all boarding courses. Misbehaviour in the kitchen may result in six of the chef's mixing spoon for you!

An adult school boy spanked by two female prefects

Prefects can spank too!