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Girls-Only Courses at Muir Academy

Our girls-only course is limited to female & TV pupils. We organize both 3-day boarding courses and single day schools.

The course has elements of a ladies finishing school: pupils study topics such as music, art, dance, flower arrangement, etiquette, deportment, beauty care, domestic science and many other subjects.

However do not think that there is not time spent in the classroom, far from it, the girls must learn the art of good handwriting and poetry: both composing and reading in a lady like fashion.

photograph of girls doing needlework

Needlework, the girls are making tutus

Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging

Girls must obey all the usual Muir rules and, if they do not, face the same penalties as at our other courses.

For the TV school girl (which we call special girls) this course is a chance to learn new skills you have never done before and perhaps dreamed of - ballet, deportment, needlecraft.

Remember we don't just play at school, you'll be taught proper lessons and leave school at the end of the course with new abilities - many of our pupils can now play the recorder and do more with flowers than just put them in a vase.

You can find out more about the girls only course by reading some of the accounts on the contributors' page.

Music class - learning to play the recorder

Music class - learning to play the recorder

Ballet Class, with "Madame Matronova"

Ballet, with "Madame Matronova"