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Muir Academy For Maids

Do you dream of being a maid? Well don't just dream it, experience it for real! This is how simple it can be.

First, join the Muir Academy. You will receive your membership documentation which will include details of how to arrange your interview with Miss Prim.

Next, attend an interview with Miss Prim. She will want to find out about your experience, ambitions and aptitude. You will be expected to wear your dress, apron and cap and have your abilities assessed.

Once you have completed your interview, you will be eligible to join with others just like you on one of our maids' training courses. Here you'll learn the essential skills to become not only a femininely subservient maid, but a femininely practical one as well.

The MAM maid training courses will give you professional training - with a MAM certificate of proficiency to prove it - you could find yourself in hot demand for uniformed service. The Muir Academy regularly has maids at its day, weekend and week-long courses, parties and special events. Some MAM maids are in private service, others can be found serving at scene functions up and down the country.

Are you ready to take your first step?

A maid fastens her mistresses corset.

A maid fastens her mistress' corset.

Muir Academy Maids in Service

Capable maids serve at the Muir Academy and can be given assistance to find further experience as a maid. MAM maids are in service in private homes and are widely used as waitresses at scene parties and special events. Many of our maids have gone on to serve at events organised by other groups. For example a summer boat party on the River Thames (organised by The Firm) had three Muir maids working together.

A maid's service is needed to help at the Muir Academy's monthly Saturday classes, in Hereford from 10am to 6pm and at the mixed boarding 3/4 courses, usually held Monday or Tuesday to Friday.

Miss Prim likes to know enough about potential employers to gauge which maid would be most suitable for them. So we invite them, whether couples or single ladies or gentlemen, to a dinner party served by the maids. They may then discuss their requirements with Miss Prim and assess the maids present.

If a maid catches the eye of a potential employer then direct contact may be made if the maid agrees. In a similar way, any maid may request contact details of any guest. We also hope to create a register of potential employers that will be available online, but only to those trained and authorised by Miss Prim.

A formal meal

The scullery maid

The kitchen maid

Frequently asked Questions

  • What is unique about Muir Academy For Maids? MAM stands alone in offering a formal and structured training and accreditation system for those who wish to learn how to become uniformed housemaids. They learn together in a group and work together in a household.
  • What does it teach? Initially the vocational skills will be those of the parlourmaid; preparing and presenting light meals and refreshments; laying and serving at table and clearing away; serving a buffet at parties; how to dust, tidy, vacuum, clean, and iron; answering the door and telephone; simple cookery such as baking scones for afternoon tea; and flower arranging.
  • What about other maid roles? Miss Prim evaluates each maid to assess which role suits them best. Once basic skills are learned, or if a maid is unsuited to other duties, then the skills of a chambermaid are taught; how to make a bed, clean bedrooms and bathrooms. Also those of a kitchenmaid, such as preparing vegetables, washing up, etc. For any maid who aspires to be a ladies' maid then sewing, mending, assisting with dressing, hair brushing and other such duties can be taught.

Parlour Maids

Hanging out the washing

  • How much does a day's training cost? Costs vary according to the course and where it is held. Contact Miss Prim for more details.
  • Does MAM offer a qualification? You will receive a diploma which records your attendance and the level of proficiency attained. Since we are well-established and have a very good reputation, this diploma is a solid guarantee of your worth. Miss Prim can also give a personal reference for any maid she has trained.
  • How many others maids will there be on a training course? Numbers vary from three to six.
  • What else do you offer to someone interested in being a maid? Miss Prim offers help on an individual basis: detailed instruction, sympathetic advice and formal training on both the personal aspects such as make­up, deportment, dress, etc. Also on all the vocational skills of maid craft such as laying a table, preparation and serving refreshments, ironing, cleaning, etc.
  • Will I have to wear a maid's uniform for the course? Yes, see the recommended style, right Miss Prim insists on this, or something very similar, for all trainee maids.
  • I already have a maid's outfit, can I wear it? It may be permitted if Miss Prim deems it acceptable. However Miss Prim will not accept impractical, or overelaborate outfits.
  • Will I need a wig? Hair must be worn in a demure feminine style. If your natural hair is not long enough, then you must wear a wig and Miss Prim may be able to advise on an appropriate style You will be expected to have your own wig for courses, but one may be provided for the interview.
  • Will I have to shave? You must be both facially clean-shaven and ideally MAM maids should also be free of all visible body hair, but Miss Prim does understand that this is not always possible because of a maid's personal circumstances.
  • Will I have to wear make-up? You must wear make-up if your complexion requires make-up to look credibly feminine. Miss Prim may advise on what to use and how it should be applied.
  • The master of the house punishes the maid, but not all maids are lucky enough to receive such attention!

    Account from a Muir Academy Maid

    Miss Prim and her irreplaceable role in Belynda's career as a maid

    It has been a number of years since I nervously attending an interview with Miss Prim, and many more years since I first considered training for a position as a maid.

    The interview itself, however, was a joy as the Lady in question sort to put me at ease as she assessed my suitability for training.

    Luckily for me, Miss Prim decided that training was appropriate and we proceeded to the second part of the interview at the Muir Academy where Maid Belynda Belle began her, real life, second career as a maid.

    The training was not all hard work and punishment, though some of that did happen, no there were occasions of humour and fun too, even if Miss Prim would never admit to that!

    Several training sessions and assignments later Maid Belynda felt confident enough to think of herself as, at least, sufficiently trained, as a MAM maid, to serve others apart from Miss Prim, and with her help was able to.

    The Muir Academy promises to help you live your dream for real, I can testify that not only did it help me to fulfil my dream but took me to heights that I would never have believed.

    This grounding has led me to serve as a maid in Miss Prim's home, at the Muir Academy for day schools or boarding schools, as well as other scene events and events at the homes of friends and with other maids (Lots of whom are Muir Academy members too).

    These days I feel that I have come a long way in service, though I still strive to reach the 5 Star status of a true MAM maid. I owe most of my skills and my confidence to that most formidable of Mistress's Miss Prim and her tender tutoring and guidance, without which my dreams may well still be just that, dreams.

    Of course, I do sometimes attend the occasional advanced or "refresher" training session with Miss Prim, if she thinks my standards are slipping, and I will always seek her unique advice concerning any new skills I may wish to learn or problems I have encountered.

    Thank You Miss Prim, Ma'am.


    MAM Maid Belynda Belle