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Common Questions and Answers

What's it all about?
It's about leaving the real world behind for a short time, having fun while returning to your school days. You will wear school uniform, attend lessons and be disciplined where necessary.
How can I join you all at school?
First you need to join the Muir Academy (see Admissions page), then you phone Miss Prim on the number you get with the Member's information pack to arrange an interview. Once you've attended the interview and been accepted, you can come to school!
What do I get for my membership?
You get a regular newsletter from Miss Prim. Once interviewed, you will get an invitation to up to 4 parties each year and access to the 'Members Area' of this website.
When is the next course?
Look in the News page for the dates of the next course
Do I have to eat everything on my plate at meal times?
Yes, unless you have given a letter to the Headmistress or Matron explaining a food intolerance, allergy or strong dislike.
Will I have to do all the PE?
Yes, on some courses, unless you have given a letter to the Headmistress or Matron explaining an illness or medical condition.
Am I too old?
No. Providing you are over 21 years old, you can come - there's no upper limit on age as long as your health allows.
Will I be sharing a dormitory?
Yes, at boarding courses we have separate dorms for the boys, girls and special girls. At larger courses we may have separate dorms for senior and junior pupils. Couples rooms are only available under very special circumstances.
Sarah gets the cane!
How much does Miss Prim charge per hour?
What reputable school or Headmistress charges by the hour? She does not have an hourly rate. Charges for tutorials, school days or boarders can be found out by contacting Miss Prim.
What does the Interview cost and what does it involve?
The initial Interview with Miss Prim takes several hours and involves a period in her study. You will be in uniform and in role and will have to accept corporal punishment. The interview costs £125 (a price which has not increased since 2004). Miss Prim is considered a world-class leader in her field and usually only sees at most one Interviewee each day, devoting 3-4 hours to the exercise.
Do girls come too?
Yes! At a typical day class there will be a mixture of school boys, school girls and special school girls. The girls come on exactly the same basis as the boys, because they want to be there. They are not paid to be there or treated any differently to the boys. The proportions vary from one course to another.
Can TVs attend?
Miss Prim has always referred to TV's as special girls, and they can attend school and are treated by everyone as "real" school girls.
Why do I have to give you an address?
For all participants' safety and legal reasons, we always have a verified address for each person attending.
Why can't I book an appointment before I join?
We are a members-only club, you have to be a Muir Academy member before attending interview. However, you can join and book your interview at the same time.
Why can't I just phone up and arrive?
We take great pride in our discretion and professional service. If you could just phone up and arrive, so could a reporter, or somebody totally unsuited to the situation. Without the procedures we have set up, which have proven themselves necessary time and again over the 22 years we have operated so far, we could not deliver the professional quality of service and discretion for which we are renowned throughout the world.
Salmon receives his trophy at Prize Giving.

One of our oldest young boys, Nigel Salmon at Prize Giving"

Why do I have to become a member?
Partly for legal reasons as we are a private club. Partly to keep you well-informed about our events. Partly because we are selective about who we play with.
Why do I have to pay a 50% deposit in advance?
Because before we began asking for a deposit, perhaps only one in three turned up. We will hold the deposit over if you have good grounds to postpone the interview, and/or give us plenty of notice, but missed appointments or failing to turn up waste Miss Prim's time and deny opportunities to others.
What happens at school?
What happens at any school? You do lessons, you have lunch, you play pranks, you get punished if you misbehave, you do what you're told by the Headmistress, Matron and other teachers, or take the consequences.
Does Miss Prim provide the uniform?
No. If you already have a school uniform you can wear that for interview and we can loan some items (see kit list). If you already have a uniform you may wear that for the first few events you attend, but if you attend regularly you will need to buy a Muir uniform.
Why can't Miss Prim do the Interview by phone/email?
There are many purposes for the Interview, beyond the obvious one of weeding out the unsuitable. These include establishing the basis of mutual knowledge and trust necessary for subsequent participation at school, advice on uniforms, etc. assessing a pupil's social skills, suitability for role play and reaction to various forms of corporal punishment. Not to mention the pupil assessing their own reactions and allowing them to judge whether subsequent participation is something they seek. This has to be done in person, in Miss Prim's own study, in a similar way for every interviewee, so that their reactions can be directly compared.
Two adult school girls waiting outside the Headmaster's office

Waiting outside Headmaster's office

If I join as a schoolgirl, can I come back as a maid (& vice versa)?
Yes, by then the mutual knowledge and trust will be there, and Miss Prim will have some knowledge of your likely reactions in the different circumstances that may arise.
How is your school different to other clubs?
We were the first role play club in the UK and Europe and we take our role play seriously. We fully immerse ourselves in the role. There are others with a passing similarity to us, but there is nobody in the world who offers the range, depth or duration of school-scene experiences that we offer.
Are there any single girls?
We are not an introductions bureau. While not all the girls who attend are in partnerships, you cannot infer from that that they are looking for partners! The chances of a boy (or special girl) meeting the partner of their dreams at school are not high. Indeed many men come here with their wives' approval, because their wife knows that there is unlikely to be any opportunity to stray, although many friendships have been made.
Is the corporal punishment bare bottom and in public?
This can happen in Miss Prim's classroom, but does vary at her discretion. If it is a problem for you, please discuss this with Miss Prim at the time of interview. There will be ample opportunity and this is exactly the kind of problem the interview is designed to discover and thereby avoid embarrassment on either side.
I want to be a teacher, not a pupil, can you help?
There are a limited number of vacancies for tutors at Muir Academy. If you want to apply for this position, please join the Muir Academy and write to Miss Prim. Be aware that only those with an appropriate attitude can be accepted, and that an interview will be required where your skills and ability to adapt to the Muir way will be tested (on real adult school girls and adult school boys).
Do you provide any services other than those described?
In these web pages we describe everything that Miss Prim will do. She will not do anything that would not have been considered normal and acceptable in a 1950s British Grammar School.
What sort of pupils come to Muir?
We regularly have pupils who fly in from the United States in fact one boy flew in from Texas and back in one day. Pupils come from as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Currently our oldest pupil is almost 80 and the youngest is 26.