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School Outfitters

Contact Miss Prim directly for details for the official school outfitters.

Official Uniforms

Muir Academy has several acceptable uniforms, shown below. This basic uniform is acceptable at any course, at any time of year.

Boys' standard uniform Girls' standard uniform

Boys' Uniform:

  • Red/Black Muir Cap
  • Black blazer with red trim
  • Grey shirt with Muir tie
  • Grey V neck pullover with red trim
  • Grey shorts, 6" inside leg
  • Muir grey knee socks with red bands
  • Black lace-up shoes

Girls' Uniform:

  • Navy Gymslip with sash
  • White blouse with Muir tie
  • White knee length socks
  • Navy blue knickers
  • Navy blazer with red trim
  • Dark coloured sensible shoes

Alternative Uniforms

Summer Uniform

In summer, girls may wear a blue candy stripe or gingham summer dress, with girls' straw boater. Boys may wear a boys' straw boater as shown. Boys or girls may wear sandals of appropriate styles.

As an alternative, girls may wear their gymslip in Summer term with a short sleeve blouse and no tie.

Kilt Uniform

We even have a kilt form of our uniform! For both boys and girls this consists of:

  • Muir tartan kilt
  • Black jumper with Muir badge
  • Red knee socks
  • White shirt & Muir tie
  • Plain leather sporran
  • Ghillie shoes, or shoes as normal uniform

Underwear for both boys and girls is a pair of schoolgirl-style navy blue knickers as was traditional in Scotland. Note that while adult men might wear a Skian Dhu knife in their sock, Muir boys and girls do not!

Summer Uniform
Pupils in kilt uniform

Some pupils have worn their kilt on school outings.

3 pupils in kilt uniform
Grey Girls' Uniform

On strict tutorial, girls may also wear the following uniform:

  • Navy blazer with red trim & Muir badge
  • Grey v-neck pullover with red trim
  • Pleated grey knee-length skirt
  • Grey/red Muir socks
  • White shirt and Muir tie
  • sensible black shoes
Girls' Grey Uniform
Prep School uniform

Prep School Uniform

Uniform for prep. school boys consists of:

  • Red cap
  • Red blazer with Muir badge
  • Grey flannel shorts
  • Grey/red Muir socks
  • White shirt and Muir tie
  • Black lace-up shoes

Uniform for PE

  • Plain white Muir t-shirt, or black / red Muir polo neck

  • Black, red or white gym skirt (girls)
  • Navy or red gym knickers (girls)
  • Black or white shorts (boys)
  • White ankle socks
  • White or black traditional plimsolls
  • Black tracksuit / jogging suit (optional)
For school outings and as an alternative for PE you can wear our polo t-shirt, which comes in red or black with the Muir crest embroidered on it.
Red school polo shirts

Muir Academy takes discretion seriously. No photos are taken of pupils without their express permission.

Uniform for Head Boy, Head Girl, Prefects and Senior Pupils

The head girl may wear stockings

The coveted positions of Head Boy, Head Girl or senior pupil are bestowed only by Miss Prim. Along with other privileges, these pupils have the following uniform options:

Boys: long trousers

Girls: stockings, suspender belt and plain black heels

Classroom equipment, for day and boarders

Satchel or bag, pencil case, fountain pen, ink or cartridges, ballpoint pen, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, coloured crayons or felt-tip pens, pair of compasses and a protractor, art apron, a glue stick and a pair of school scissors.

Where music is being taught by Miss Brown, you will need an Aulos or Yamaha brand descant recorder. We recommend you purchase one of these instruments: