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Course Dates for Autumn Term 2021

Saturday 18th September Day Class
Saturday 9th October Day Class
Friday 29th - Sunday 31st October Halloween Boarder
Saturday 20th November Day Class
Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th December Christmas Boarder
Saturday 18th December Day Class
Sunday 19th December Christmas Lunch (venue TBC)

Look out for 2022 dates to be published in October!

Before deciding to book your visit, please read our Coronavirus Policy

You may arrive the afternoon or evening before the start of any of the school dates given above.

For the May, June and August weekend schools you may do just one of the two days of the weekend if you wish.

Miss Prim requires maids for all the above events and continues to provide training for novice or experienced maids. Contact Miss Prim for more details or click the "maids" link at the top of this page.

Muir members are welcome to bring a guest to after school parties and other social events, please check availability of places in advance.